Getting You Back to What You Love!

IMG_1577-Edit-2793034905-OWelcome to Rehab Therapy Works!

Rehab Therapy Works is a Physical Therapy Company whose goal is “to get you back to what you love.” We do this by offering orthopaedic, neurologic, sports, pelvic floor and industrial physical therapy in our outpatient clinics.  We employ a “Hands-On” approach to diagnosing and treating chronic and acute musculoskeletal dysfunction to eliminate pain, restore strength, and improve stability.

Physical Therapy is designed to treat injuries that cause pain and/or dysfunction anywhere in the body. Our Physical Therapists are experts about your body’s muscles, joints, bones, and spine and can help guide you through your recovery process to ensure a successful and permanent favorable outcome.

If you feel you can benefit from Physical Therapy we invite you to download our therapy referral form.  Bring this form to your doctor to discuss your Physical Therapy options.